Debut album is out
Debut album is out

Debut album is out


You can download the debut album from all the major digital marketplaces or you can listen to it on every major streaming platform!


Toldi Mike started to work on their debut album in 2018. The main plan for 2019 is to finish the project. After lots of work Toldi Mike successfully finished the recording of their debut album in the beginning of December 2019.

Thanks to the quick mixing and mastering from AMB Music the album got released on the .

As we live in the information era the publisher published the debut album titled Pusztába kiáltott szó to almost every major streaming and music platform quickly.

Pusztába kiáltott szó Tracklist:

  1. Pusztába kiáltott szó
  2. Naplemente
  3. Pomme de terre
  4. Kisvárosom
  5. Űrlány
  6. Kiskertemben
  7. Sok
  8. Madarak

Album can be downloaded from: