ToldiMike @ SOM
ToldiMike @ SOM
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ToldiMike @ SOM

The Spirit of Music "SOM"

Rue de Bridel, 65, 7217 Béreldange, Luxembourg, Luxembourg


Toldi Mike are celebrating their fourth birthday this May. During these four years, we packed our repertoire with a good number of songs, and we’ve had enough time to make sure we learn and play them all really well for your listening pleasure. Truly, the band can be said to be as mature as a four-year-old child, who is now obliged to pay the entrance fee to Parc Merveilleux :).

This concert will be special, as we’ll have a cameraman recording the whole event, and the footage will feature in a documentary project about the band. For the record: you’re invited and more than welcome to speak your mind about Toldi Mike and our music to the camera on the night!


Price: free entry